Sent from Bethel Baptist Church in Walls, MS

Barnes Family, Missionaries to Guam

​​​Steven: 02/06/1970

​Sherry: 01/12/1973

Makaela: 05/19/1998

Conner: 09/15/2002

​Bailea: 11/11/2009




Meet the Barnes Family


Bro. Steven Barnes


     I had the privilege of growing up in Calvary Baptist Church in Campbell, MO.  The Lord allowed our family to be a part of a strong church with a bus ministry and Christian school.  


      It is amazing how many people can be so close to the truth yet miss the Truth.  This was my case for nineteen years.  As a student at Tri-State Baptist College, I recognized that a young person growing up in church still needs the grace of God as much as one who has never known about Jesus.  As a nineteen year old, with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I trusted Jesus as my Savior.         

Sherry Barnes                                                                 

     I have been a part of Bethel Baptist Church for nearly thirty-seven years since my dad came on staff in 1978.  I have had the privilege of being a part of Bethel Baptist School and Tri-State Baptist College.  What a blessing to have grown up in this environment!

     However, environment and atmosphere does not save anyone.  It is only through the shed blood of Jesus.  In July of 1995, just two years into our marriage, I fell deeply under conviction after hearing my husband preach at a youth camp early on that week.  Finally, that Friday as we were on vacation, I gave up and trusted Jesus for salvation.  Thank the Lord for His grace!